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澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 has been continuously expanding its R&D investments. In 2021, its R&D investment was more than CNY 1.4 billion, accounting for 28.3% of the sales revenue.
With four R&D centers in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and Boston, the company has established a whole-process R&D system integrating drug discovery, pre-clinical development, clinical trials, and drug registration, owns a R&D pipeline project of nearly 60 new drugs, and is conducting 22 clinical studies for registration of 19 potential innovative drugs.

Global R&D Center Layout

Boston R&D Center

Nanjing R&D Center

Shanghai R&D Center

R&D Pipeline

We have nearly 60 innovative product candidates in different stages of development, among which over 10 product candidates had obtained the IND approval or were at clinical stage.


Massachusetts is home to 19% of the top pharmaceutical product pipelines in the United States and 9% globally. The state capital, Boston, in particular holds a dominating position in the global life sciences community.

澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站’s Boston R&D Center focuses on the world's cutting-edge cell and gene therapies, and with its team of pioneering scientists, it remains dedicated to building a world-class R&D center. Utilizing the world's state-of-the-art technologies, we are rapidly building several cutting-edge technology platforms for cell and gene therapies and thereby making the Boston R&D Center a powerful pipeline driver for 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 through the institute’s fast and efficient project promotion system.