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澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical Enters into a Cooperation Agreement with AnDiCon on Anti-influenza Innovative Drug ADC189

Release time:2023-10-10

On October 10, 2023, 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. (2096.HK, “澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical” or the “Group”) announced that the Group entered into a cooperation agreement with Jiaxing AnDiCon Biotech Co., Ltd. ("AnDiCon") on the anti-influenza innovative drug ADC189 (the “Product”). Pursuant to the Agreement, 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical obtains the exclusive commercialization rights of the Product for treating influenza ("influenza") in China.


This cooperation further strengthens the 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical's product portfolio and synergy in the anti-infective field, where 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical has launched various products, including XIANNUOXI, the first 3CL-targeting anti-COVID-19 innovative drug produced in China.


Mr. Ren Jinsheng, Chairman of 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical, said, "it's a great pleasure to work with AnDiCon to bring this innovative drug to a great number of influenza patients every year. ADC189 is another anti-infective product with differentiated advantages launched by 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical after XIANNUOXI. The alternating pandemic of influenza and COVID-19 may have a long-term impact on global public health, which also poses a direct challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to joining hands with the AnDiCon team to bring more effective innovative drugs for treating influenza and contribute to public health."


Jiang Weiping, Chairman of AnDiCon, said, "we look forward to cooperating with 澳门PG电子游戏APP官方网站 Pharmaceutical to bring high-quality and more accessible anti-influenza innovative drugs to more patients. ADC189 has been patented in China and many developed countries. It has shown potentially differentiated advantages in terms of safety, efficacy, and compliance.”


About ADC189

ADC189 is a polymerase acidic (PA) protein inhibitor for anti-influenza and it treats influenza by suppressing CAP-dependent endonuclease (CEN) of the virus. ADC189 can inhibit the replication of influenza virus directly and suppress both influenza A and B.

In the pre-clinical research, ADC189 has demonstrated several benefits, including the absence of central nervous system side effects, its bioavailability not influenced by food intake, and a higher safety dose. Comparing to oseltamivir, which needs to be taken for five consecutive days, one tablet of ADC189 is enough to stop influenza virus replication in 24 hours. As a result, ACD189 is expected to bring greater convenience to a large number of patients, including children. Currently, the phase III clinical trial of ADC189 for treating influenza is progressing well.


About AnDiCon

Led by a number of top scientists and academicians in China, AnDiCon is a high-tech biomedical company focusing on the development and commercialization of new respiratory anti-infective medicines. Relying on the advantages of its DMPK new drug discovery platform, AnDiCon's innovative product pipeline covers both respiratory and gynecological infection, including influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.